Dirty Dawgs™ is a self-serve dog wash spa located in Tucson, Arizona

offering its customers a one stop washing experience.

No appointment needed.

Self Serve Menu

Essential Bath $15
Includes choice of all natural shampoo and
conditioner, use of apron, towels, dryers, brushes,
combs, nail clippers, ear wipes

Brightening Coat Treatment $18

Essential Bath with all natural mica
infused shampoo

Debug Wash $18
Essential Bath with all natural citronella
infused shampoo

Teeth Cleaning $8
Includes all natural vanilla toothpaste & finger brush

Organic Ear Wash $8

Tea tree and aloe anti-fungal formula

Deep Conditioning $5

All natural, extra emollient cream conditioner.

Soothing Paw Treatment $5
Rich & soothing shea & aloe butters
for dry paws & noses

Gentle Facial $5
All natural cucumber and melon foaming face wash

Body Clip $15
Includes use of clipper and choice of blade