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Dirty Dawgs provides full all-inclusive transport services for dogs and cats. We not only provide USDA Certified interstate/domestic pet relocation services; we also provide services transporting your pet internationally and going through the long paperwork process for you. We can also transport your pet to the correct airport for international travel or travel with your pet internationally if required. From getting your pet's documents ready allowing them to be shipped to making sure your pet arrives safely to their final destination, Dirty Dawgs will be there every step of the way. Our interstate transport rates range $0.75 - $2.00 per mile depending on location, time of year, and interstate destination.  Our international pet shipping services (paperwork, transport, or travel with your pet) costs vary but typically range $1500 - $2500 per pet). We accept  payment plans in partnership with Affirm Pay. Please submit a form below for a quote and we will give you a call once your request is received.

USDA Certified
Interstate Pet Transport

Moving? Need to transport your pet to the airport? To your new home? Need to transport your litter? Dirty Dawgs provides fully certified and insured pet transportation services based in Tucson, Arizona. ​We provide a safe service with multiple amenities so you are at ease about your pet getting from Point A to Point B. Our rates range from $0.75 to $2.00 per mile of travel per household (max 100 lbs of dogs total) from your pet's home location ending at your pet's final destination. Our rates depend on location and interstate transport if needed. Please submit a form for a quote.

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USDA Certified National Pet Transport

Dog Walks/Water Breaks Every 3-4 Hours

Mozart Played for Comfort During Route

Private Transport/No other dogs or cats

Meet & Greet with your transporter

No Crates/Kennels While Traveling
GPS Owner Monitoring Provided
Small Feedings As Needed

​Medications as Needed

International Pet Shipping Service

Getting your pet from the United States to anywhere around the world can be a hassle while you are trying to plan.  With many restrictions and preparations required for your pet to other countries, you need help with all of the paperwork and shipping logistics. We are here to help you get your pet from point A to point B making sure all of the rules are met, veterinarian visits and requirements are fulfilled, paperwork is signed, and pet is transported safely. Get in touch with us to get an estimate.  Our pricing includes all USDA, airline, transport, and supply fees.  You don't lift a finger in the process of getting your pet transported safely.  If you require someone to transport with your pet, our staff has the licensing, insurance, global entry, and passports for a safe and easy travel arrangement with your dog or cat internationally. 


Transport Information

Pet Transport is a personal service that caters to you and your pet's travel needs and comfort. For interstate transport, cost begins at $500 - $2500 with legitimate companies including Dirty Dawgs Tucson. If any transport service you find is less than this, you can expect no insurance, no license, and no certification. Please be careful when booking inexpensive personal pet transport services that are separate from an airline. We take pride in being licensed, certified, and 100% insured. 

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