Dog Walking & Train

Right to Your Home

Sometimes, all you need is just to make your puppy a model citizen on a leash. We provide dog walking services with some training included in order to get your dog comfortable on the leash. This service is perfect for puppies learning or for dogs that are already trained on the leash and just need to get out an hour a day. Please contact us for more information on our dog walking services. Our services are $35 per hour of walking and, if needed, includes some on-leash training. Please note, our dog walking service is on a set monthly schedule. 

Mirak K9 Training

We are proud to team up with Mirak K9 Training Base for training services. Jowhar Karim is certified in Training Without Conflict and has successfully demonstrated a fast and effective training method.


Board & Training

1251 S Tyndall Ave #115

Want to send your dog to boarding and get training? Sign up for our Board & Train Services. We mix daycare fun with the basic training your dog needs to be a model citizen with socialization.  This includes Overnight Boarding and is perfect if you are going out of town or want training without interruptions. We require a Meet & Greet first to establish if your pet can be handled by us. We cover sit, down, stay, distractions, and leash control. We provide daily report cards at pick-up time so you know what to do at home!

Board & Training is $450 Per Week and a Two-Week Minimum is Required. Please schedule a Meet & Greet that is Monday - Friday only. This includes all day of daycare and testing your pet's socialization and assesstment. After the Meet & Greet, we schedule your pet's Board & Training Session.