Dirty Dawgs Daycare/Boarding FAQs

What is the boarding schedule for my dog?

6am - 8am: Feed/Potty 8am - Noon: Playtime Noon - 2pm: Naptime 2pm - 4pm: Playtime 4pm - 6pm: Feed/Bedtime Potty

Are the dogs montiored 24 hours?

YES! While we do not have staff present for 24 full hours (dogs are sleeping for 10 hours at night), we do have MANY systems in place to monitor all dogs for 24 hours including a security system by Central Alarm, remote temperature/climate monitoring of the facility, cameras in our kennel room to see all dog while they are sleeping, and motion detection in the kennel room if any movement occurs overnight. We ensure that dogs have been fed, pottied, adequate playtime for 6 hours of playtime, and given water before bedtime.

How often does my dog get to go to the bathroom?

During the day while playing, we have a back door that is kept open for the dogs to go in and out as much as they please.

Will my dog have access to water?

Absolutely! Dogs have access to water while playing and throughout the day.

Should I bring bedding or toys?

We have bedding for them so there is no need to bring their bed from home. You are welcome to bring a toy for them to sleep with at night. We also ask that you also bring a t-shirt from home so that the smell from home is near them.

Can you give medications?

Absolutely! We can give medications at no additional charge. However, we do not accept diabetic dogs.

Do you take cats?

No, we do not take cats.

If my dog needs an individual walk. Can you do that?

Yes! We can do an individual walk at no additional charge.

Can my dog get a bath after boarding?

Yes! We charge $40 for an exit bath which includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and deshed if needed.

How do I schedule boarding?

Once your dog has passed a meet & greet, your account is open to make boarding reservations. We require all boarding reservations to be made online. Please go our daycare/boarding page and click on "Make Boarding Reservation". You do not need to notify us of your boarding reservation. If we are booked, the dates will be marked off as unavailable. Please make holiday boarding reservations as early as possible.

Do I bring my own food?

YES! We do not have food here as each dog's diet is very different; any food change may result in and upset stomach and diarrhea. If you do come for boarding, but forget your food, we are happy to go to the pet store to get it for you for the cost of the bag of food plus $20.

How does my dog pass the meet & greet?

All dogs must pass a one-time meet & greet with Dirty Dawgs prior to joing our daycare pack and/or overnight boarding. We assess your dog throughout the day to see if they get along well with other dogs, let our staff approach them, learn of any triggers, can be crated for boarding and for naptime (don't worry! If your dog has never been crated, they will see other dogs being crated may be able to adjust), and demonstrate no signs of aggression.

How many dogs do you have per day max?

We firmly believe in giving dogs enough square footage of space to have enough personal space should they need it in case they choose not to play that day. Because we have a very open space as well as a restricted membership type of daycare (no drop-ins or day-to-day purchases), we have never had more than 20-25 dogs per day. However, if you sign up, you do not need to notify us when you are coming. Whereas some dogs excel in daycare and boarding facilities with many other dogs up to 50 or even 100, we believe in having a close-knit facility where we can give the most attention to all of our pets and clients.

How do I schedule daycare after purchasing credits?

You don't! After urchasing credits, they are automatically attached to your account. You simply come in anyday you need Tuesday-Friday at drop-off 7am-8am (or be ready for transportation). We deduct your credits automatically. You will receive reminders with your remaining credits. Remember! Credits expire after 60 days of purchase?

What is the ratio of dogs to staff members during playtime?

Our ratio is a maximum of 1:13 which is fewer than the common ratio of 1:25. We believe in smaller numbers to give dogs the most space during playtime.

What is your boarding cancellation policy?

No refunds for boarding or a meet & greet will be given if you request a cancellation 72 hours or less before your reservation date. Thank you.

Do you require daycare for boarding?

NOPE! We only require that you have had a meet & greet with us to make sure that your dog is nice around other dogs, can be crated, and can be handled by staff in an emergency situation. Your meet & greet is scheduled online on our main boarding/daycare page.

Does the daycare package credits have to be used every week?

Yes. The credits/daycare days do expire after 60 days of purchase. The purpose of the packages are to help owners who really need daycare every week or even every day!

Do you seperate big dogs and small dogs?

No. All of our dogs are seperated based on activity level. We make sure during meet & greets that big and small dogs can be together based on activity level and are not aggressive towards different sizes. Our daycare kiddos have been playing nicely in different sizes.

What vaccinations/status does my dog need?

Female dogs need to be spayed by 6 months of age. Male dogs need to be neutered by 7 months of age. All dogs need DA2PP, Boardetella, and Rabies vaccinations. All dogs need to be 4 months of age AND up to date on all vaccinations prior to coming to Dirty Dawgs Doggy Daycare and Boarding

Can I drop-off/pick-up my dog anytime?

Nope! We have a very open space and require doors to be locked so dogs may be out all day. Daycare Drop-Off Time: 7am-8am. Doors lock PROMPTLY at 8am Daycare Pick-Up Time: 4pm-5pm. Overnight Boarding Drop-Off/Pick-Up Time: 7am-8am OR 4pm-5pm. You do not need to notify us which times lot you are coming for overnight boarding.