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Cleaning a dog should be easy, inexpensive, and fun.  A self-service dog wash is a fantastic way to bond with your dog, prepare a puppy for grooming, or get a quick and affordable service, while keeping the mess out of your home. We help guide you, give you all the tools you need used by groomers, offer top-of-the-line shampoo and conditioner, and remain the most inexpensive self-service dog wash in town with the most amenities.  Our DIY Dog Wash is located at 3055 N Campbell Ave #133 in Tucson.  It is 100% Walk-In. Children under 4ft may not come into the dog washing/drying area and may not be left up front alone. We do not require vaccinations for DIY use, however, we have strict cleaning protocols using 256 as a parvocide, fungicide, and virucide to keep your pets safe from disease in our facility.  The fee is $20 per pet regardless of hair, size, and number of pets in a family. We provide all amenities and grooming supplies.

Normal Business Hours
Open Thursday - Sunday
10am - 4pm (Last Wash 3:30pm)
*Please check accurate google/yelp holiday hours. 

Shampoo, Conditioner, & Tools Included. $20 per pet regardless of size, hair, & # of pets. 


Blueberry facial, oral care, ear cleaner provided & included.


We provide all towels, aprons,wipes, brushes, sprays, scrubs, and dryers.


Tables and slip leads are provided for easy use for owners. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 1.00.05 PM.png

Vaccinations are not required for DIY Use. Please bring your pet on a leash.


De-shed shampoo (+$7) & clippers for DIY Use (+$15)


DIY Dog Wash is 100% Walk-In. No appt needed & all breeds are welcome.


Force dryers & kennel dryer is available for use and included.

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