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Our Doggy Daycare/Boarding, located at 1251 S Tyndall Ave #115, is a 5-Star Reviewed 6000 sq ft facility that owners trust. We give pets 100% access to indoors and the spacious outdoors during the day to maintain a hygienic facility. We have strict cleaning and safety protocols. Please schedule a Meet & Greet to receive a tour. When you arrive for your Meet & Greet, we give a full-facility tour before you drop-off your pet for the all-day evaluation (you may not pick-up early). Drop-off is 7am-8am & Pick-up is 4pm-5pm. Evaluations determine pet eligibility for daycare and boarding. A one-time Meet & Greet is required prior to continually coming to Daycare or utilizing Boarding as our boarding service/pricing always includes hours of group play daycare with other dogs around. All Meet & Greets are scheduled online Meet & Greets are $35 for one-time all-day daycare evaluation Monday - Friday. 

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