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Our Doggy Daycare/Boarding, located at 1251 S Tyndall Ave #115, is a 5-Star Reviewed 6000 sq ft facility that owners trust. We give pets 100% access to indoors and the spacious outdoors during the day to maintain a hygienic facility. Please schedule a Meet & Greet to receive a tour. When you arrive for your Meet & Greet, we give a full-facility tour before you drop-off your pet for the all-day evaluation (you may not pick-up early). Drop-off is 7am-8am & Pick-up is 4pm-5pm for Meet & Greets and Daycare. Evaluations determine pet eligibility for daycare and boarding. A one-time Meet & Greet is required prior to continually coming to Daycare or utilizing Boarding as our boarding service/pricing always includes hours of group play daycare with other dogs around. All Meet & Greets are scheduled online Meet & Greets are $35 for one-time all-day daycare evaluation Monday - Friday. 

Our facility includes heightened security technology and tools, motion sensors, proper air circulation, and other measures for safe play and overnight boarding.  External Health Checks are completed on each daycare doggo at drop-off. Our CPR & 1st Aid certified staff members will conduct a cursory external check and you will be sent a report if needed. We have Petsitting and Dog Walking services as well, if your pet needs a more personalized service. 

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