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2-Night Minimum Stay Required for dogs with no active daycare package. 

There is No Minimum Night Stay Required for Daycare Package Holders. 

DO NOT schedule overnight boarding without a valid Meet & Greet on record or without a prior boarding reservation. We do not accept any un-spayed or un-neutered pets regardless of age or veterinary recommendation. All pets must to up to date on Distemper Parvo vaccinations, rabies vaccination, and bordetella vaccination. As there are no refunds for failed Meet & Greets, please only schedule if you know your dog is good around unfamiliar dogs of all sizes (family dogs do not count).  Please view our camera sneak peaks to see how the dogs interact at Dirty Dawgs.  Please visit our FAQs for more information on evaluations and information. Drop-Off and Pick-Up times are 7am-8am or 4pm-5pm only. Boarding is $45/Night and includes all-day group play.  Please be sure to select the necessary add-ons for boarding such as medication administration or exit baths if needed. Thank you. 

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